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Egyptian Warlord


A Character modification pack for the game "Unreal Tournament 3". I had entered the "Make Something Unreal Contest" with an early version of it, which was only the main character setup without any effects and without FPV hands. I had won the 2nd Place in the best character category of the Make Something Unreal Contest phase 2 with it!
Character description: A heavy armored, pompous looking, Egyptian warlord. Amenophis is known and feared as the most merciless of warlords.
If features 7 fancy effects, many customizable parts, FPV Hands, sounds and custom physics.


More details in the "Making of"


Content: Customization Preview, High Poly, Teamskins, Effects Video, Headshots, Ingame Screenshots, Weapon(s), First Person View Hands, Physics, Wire



Customization Preview:


High Poly:

Lighter areas are hard surface modeling and darker areas are sculpted.




Effects Video:

Shows the main effect (more effects in the Headshot pics and First Person Hands video)



Preview images for different customization setups and effects. The player can also customize everything to his own liking.

1. Amenophis XII.
- Normal young Amenophis, golden armor
Bot: Ramses XII.

2. Amenophis VIII.
- Old Amenophis, dark armor
Bot: Ramses VIII.

3. Amenophis IV.
- Rotten Zombie Amenophis, dark amor
Bot: Ramses IV.

4. Amenophis I.
- Skeleton Amenophis, golden amor
Bot: Ramses I.

Effect Characters:
The effects can be read in the names of the characters.

5. Ameimmortalophis
- immortal - Main effect that changes kinda randomly from all the different stages: normal, old, rotten and skeleton. Golden armor
Bot: Echnaton

6. Amageingophis
- ageing - Only the Transition effect from young to old. Golden armor
Bot: Amenhotep

7. Ameholephis
- hole - You are able to look through him to his bones which is based on the direction. Dark armor
Bot: Nehebkau

8. Amedistanophis
- distance - The effect is based on the distance, the closer you get to him the more he will look rotten. Golden armor
Bot: Sethos

9. Amerottinophis
- rotting - Similiar to the first effect but this will rotten over time and the transition effect is more heavy with glowing edges. Dark armor
Bot: Imhotep

10. Ameburnophis
- burn - Based in the direction a glowy heat looking effect is shown (Zombie head, normal head in bot and chooseable with the helmet section) Dark armor
Bot: Tutanchamun

11. Ameskinophis
- skin - Effect that is based on the direction and time which lets the skin look much different. Golden armor
Bot: Thutmosis

12. Additional the FPV Hands can be previewed in the character selection. Choose the different hands and effects with "Arms" parts.
They can not be used as an actual Character!


Ingame Screenshots:

With various effects:



The weapon can transform to different weapons types: Scissor like weapon, axe and sword.


First Person View Hands:

The hands have the same effects as the actual character.

Video (with sound):

The Galtanors Invasion mod is played in this video.


ZBrush screenshots:

With Polypaint: (Photoshop path not applied here)

First Person View Hands in the game:




Ragdoll crash tests in the Unreal Editor (over the top testing)



More details and breakdowns in the "Making of"


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