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Pocket Monster: The Virtual Creature Toy


A living monster on your iPhone that you can truly interact with! The Monster is fully physic animated and reacts to every touch. The user can use his fingers and interact with every facial feature and the Monster reacts with lots of different animations to it. There is also a physic animated spider that appears randomly. The Monster is customizable through a wide range of skins. Artwork and animation by me and programming and physics by Kurt Loeffler. The head has a complex rig and skinning to make all the direct interaction possible. The mesh is build to support the heavy distortion of the facial features while being not too high poly for the iPhone. There are a lot of smoothing groups used to archive a nice realtime shadeing even though its only vertex lit.


Content: Interaction Video, Sculpt, Screenshots, Spider


Pocket Monster - Interaction Video:

(Promotion video with sound)



Used for building the low poly mesh and bake slight shadeing.


(vertex lit)

special skins:




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