My name is David Hagemann and I'm born 1985.
I already worked in the games industry and the TV/Film industry, always with the main focus in 3D.
I have experience in creating all kind of 3D stuff as well as a lot of different styles. My knowledge reaches from very reduced models and textures for handhelds and internet 3D games to very high TV/Film works. I'm especially skilled in making models and textures for games and my main focus is creating characters and creatures.

I'm working as a freelance artist and I'm primarily available for remote work.



Modeling, texturing, animation, sculpting, level design, rendering, video editing, conception

Characters, creatures, environments, assets/objects, vehicles, animals, weapons

3ds Max, Silo
Z-Brush, Mudbox
(Flash, Combustion, Avid)

Unreal Engine 3+
Unity Engine


Crescent Moon Games,, AMD, Disney, Nickelodeon, Napster, Shift Control Media, antares, Julesworld, Easy 8 Software, MTV, dbs, OTOY, Pepworks, TM74, Qatsi.TV, AndUP GmbH, 3DGroove,

Unfortunately, not all of my work is allowed to be shown in the gallery
- Disclaimer